Our Promise

Natufoodies does not add salt to any of our foods & snacks. Rest assured that we care for your little ones as much as you do. We promise no hidden ingredients.


Natufoodies uses only 100% natural ingredients to make our delicious & nutritious snacks to ensure your baby gets the best of flavours. No artificial flavourings and colourings, only the best for your little ones.

Natufoodies is also certified Halal by JAKIM (Malaysian Halal Certification Body) to ensure that our products can be enjoyed by everyone.

Food Safety Policy

It is our policy to produce and supply safe food products of agreed quality to consistently meet customer needs and expectations and enhance customer satisfaction.
We strive to achieve growth and a leading position in the market by:

  • Supplying safe and hygienic food products in the market

  • Prevention, rather than detection / rectification of unsafe products

  • Complying with requirements and continually improving the effectiveness of food safety management system

  • Establishing a proper system for internal and external communications

  • Creating an environment of teamwork as well as involvement and providing system awareness to all employees to ensure the competencies